NIHW Episode 19

This week, Ryley, Fred, and Deepak talk about their favorite movies, TV Shows and Video Games from the first half of 2017.

Each of the three hosts count down their Top 3 movies and TV series of 2017. Then Fred and Ryley trade their top 3 video games of the first half of the year.

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NIHW 19: Best of 2017 Part 1


  1. I thought I would add my first half of the year top 3 lists as well. I’ve kept myself to things that came out before the time of the original podcast so I have the same pool to pick from.

    #1 Twin Peaks. Unlike Ryley I am currently watching it and loving it. Pretty much no matter what Lynch turned out this time I would have been happy. He is one of my favorite film makers and this is his first time directing since Inland Empire which was 11 years ago. Anything he put to film for this I would have eaten up. Without spoiling anything I can say I am not disappointed. Also Ryley, after the show you still have to watch Fire Walk with Me and the 1.5 hours of cut footage from that, have fun!
    #2 Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return: When this was initially announced I had zero hope that it would turn out well. When it was kickstarted I ignored it. How could this possibly be good? Well, it is. When it first released I binged three movies. There are a lot of standouts in the season and a few duds but that is how MST3K always worked. I’m also a fan of Rifftrax and hope to see some sort of collaboration in the second season.
    #3 Legion (because I haven’t watched any Fargo season 3 yet): As an X-Men fanatic I have the same problem with this show as I do with pretty much all screen adaptations of the comics. They get stuff wrong, they make stuff up, they use a character in a way that makes no sense, ect. But this show has something else working for it other than a Marvel property, Noah Hawley, creator of Fargo (the tv series) which is in my top 10 all time. And this hits similar beats, similar stylistic choices, and general atmosphere of horrific mixed with playfulness.
    Honorable Mentions: Anthony Bourdain’s Part’s Unknown and Ink Master (which is a silly competition reality show but I like tattoos so it’s a fun watch for me)

    Movies: This is the hardest catergory for me to do mid-year. As an agoraphobic I don’t go to theaters and have to wait to see anything I’m looking forward to for a home release, but this is what I’ve remembered seeing and enjoying this year.
    #1 Get Out: This movie was so nice I watched it twice… In a row. Such a good thriller with brilliant performances and an original, poignant, and interesting plot. I won’t spoil anything but if you haven’t seen it it isn’t jump scary, it’s not race bait, and it does not feel like any other movie that has come out this year yet still feels extremely relevant.
    #2 Logan: Definitely the best X-Men movie in my opinion mainly because they didn’t bite off more than they can chew when it comes to characters and comic book story arcs. It was a great western genre film with the best performances of the series. X-23 is one of my favorite X characters and they do her mostly well here. I can nitpick but I won’t. It was great to see the violence, it was like letting out a huge sigh I’ve been holding in since the original X-Men.
    #3 Lego Batman Movie: I liked it a lot. It was funny. I can’t remember seeing anything else that released this year that I preferred to it.

    Video Games:
    #1 Persona 5: This is maybe the best game in the best series being created right now. The style is incredible, the music is wonderful, the characters have heart and are interesting, and you get to be a Japanese high schooler who fights demons. Man I liked this game a lot. Instead of writing all about it here maybe I’ll do a Persona Series Retrospective or something. Too much good for one comment.
    #2 Tekken 7: As a fighting game fanatic who hasn’t seriously played a fighting game since Tag 2 this is such a breath of fresh air in the current fighting game market. Everything about it feels good. The features are there, the creativity is there, and the community is there. The only thing that’s missing is Lei.
    #3 For Honor: This definitely doesn’t rank highly in my time played in 2017 list but the idea of it and its originality have me put it here. When I did play the game it was extremely fun, difficult, and cool. Exactly what I wanted from it. It’s not exactly Bushido Blade but it’s as close as we’ve got right now. Plus Vikings vs. Samurai vs. Knights, I dig that.

    There’s my half year list. Predictions for end of year list some things will stay right where they are and some things will definitely change.


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