The ‘Empires’ Strike Back | Age of Empires 4 Reveal Trailer

The announce trailer for the highly hoped and prayed for Age of Empires 4 released on 8/21. There was, unfortunately, no gameplay, just narration with some pretty gorgeous images of civilizations that are familiar...

Shadow of the Tomb Raider | Review

In my head, there is only one way a Tomb Raider game opens. It's probably because my first exposure to the franchise was in the late 00s when the video games were losing themselves,...

How the Switch Can Beat the Wii | Peripherals

Experts project Nintendo will sell 40 Million units by the end of 2020. This would make it worse than the Wii in sales, but well ahead of the Wii U, which only sold 13...

Games with Gold | July 2019

There are plenty of great video games available this month. And some of them are free. This month, Xbox Gold subscribers can get their hands on one of our favorite games of the last five...

E3 2017: Microsoft Press Conference Recap

Microsoft has dropped the last year's presentation style to focus in on delivering game announcements this year. And they announced a lot of them. Here is a short breakdown of each one.It started with Forza...

Tacoma Review

Tacoma is The Fullbright Company’s newest game. After their previous release, Gone Home, fans of the “walking simulator” genre were very much looking forward to Tacoma.After numerous delays, Tacoma released on August 2nd, 2017, a full...

Meet Spumph Honkington | Sims Cult Challenge

Ryley and Jack set out on a new challenge. They boot up Sims 4 and try their hand at the cult challenge!Check out more Game Boys videos! the Cult Challenge rules: Sims...

Soak Up the Sun in Fallout: Miami

Bethesda fans have always loved their mods. Just look at Skyrim; you can find mods to do nearly anything you can imagine, from improving the game's graphics to turning all the dragons into The...

Tacoma: Mysteries…in Space!

IntroTacoma, like many walking sim/exploration games, takes heavy influence from Gone Home. In fact, in concept, the games are nearly identical. Walk around an old abandoned space, piecing together a story from the clues...

When Warcraft Was The World

With the release of the new World of Warcraft Classic, we're reminded of what Warcraft was once upon a time.

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