Checking Our Model The Morning After The Oscars

17 correct out of 24 is 71% correct or a “C-”. Generally the results indicate that our model performed below average. In the impossible game of predicting the Oscars though it is above average...

‘Deadpool 2’ | Review

Wade Wilson is living a peaceful life with Vanessa following the first film. A tragic series of events introduces Deadpool to Russell Collins. Russell is a troubled young mutant fleeing a time-traveler named Cable...

The Definitive MCU Ranking | #7 – #11

This is part three of our efforts to rank every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check back the rest of the week for all of our rankings leading up to our review of...

‘Hunter Killer’ offers decent action but not much else | Review

The latest in a seemingly endless line of low-budget, Gerard Butler-starring action movies, Hunter Killer offers perfunctory entertainment but never comes within shouting distance of the best submarine-centric movies out there.A United States submarine...

New Movies Streaming in January 2018

 Any given weekend you could find yourself with a craving for a good movie. That's only natural. What's more enjoyable on a Friday or a Saturday night than a good movie? But getting all...

The DCEU: A Post-Mortem

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the movies in the DC Extended Universe, including Justice League. “The DCEU is dead. Bury it.”That might be slight hyperbole, but let’s face it: Justice League has been a...

Brad Pitt, ‘Ad Astra’ fly but rarely soar | Review

James Gray sends Brad Pitt to the stars in Ad Astra, a sci-fi parable about fathers and sons that's ultimately a good movie, but it could've been great.

Who Will Direct Star Wars Episode IX?

It hasn’t exactly been a banner year for directors hired by Disney and Lucasfilm to helm their Star Wars movies. While the big news of the summer was the unexpected firing of Phil Lord...

Spider-Man: Homecoming is Surprising And Good | Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 4 stars Spider-Man has had a rough history on the big screen on the path to Spider-Man: Homecoming. What started off as a match made in heaven, with two stellar entries...

February 2019 Streaming Guide

Netflix is releasing a total of 38 original movies/shows to their platform this month with many of the new titles fitting nicely into Valentine's day theme. On a slightly more morbid tone, there's Velvet...

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Movie It's a shame that film history may end up remembering 1917 as just an awards season statistic. A late entry in the 2019 race,...