In ‘Gods’ We Trust | American Gods Recap

Season 2 | Episode 1 | 'The House on the Rock' | Aired March 10, 2019 On every level, American Gods is a show about what people are willing to believe. The power of belief...

An American Tale | American Gods Recap

American Gods | Episode 107 | ‘A Prayer for Mad Sweeny’ | Aired June 12, 2017 At its core, American Gods is obsessed with the stories we tell ourselves. Throughout history, people all over the world have...

Gods Bless America | American Gods Recap

American Gods | Episode 106 | 'A Murder of Gods' | Aired June 4, 2017One of the many features which unite the world's major religions is the idea of dualism. Beginning with Zoroastrianism 4,000...

Black Gods Matter | American Gods Recap

American Gods | Episode 102 | 'The Secret of Spoons' | Aired May 7, 2017This article is our recap of the second episode of American Gods on Starz. Our recap of episode 1 can is here.Coming To America...
American Gods Season 1 Poster

American Gods | The Bone Orchard recap

American Gods| Episode 101 | ‘The Bone Orchard'| Aired April 31st, 2017 Well, we've made it. After years of speculation and countless false starts, Neil Gaiman's American Gods has finally made it to the screen. This week...

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