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The Joker Duology | Trailer Guy Breakdown

At Nerd It Here First headquarters, we've been receiving transmissions from another dimension. Believe it or not, we've been hearing from an...

Why Robert Pattinson is a Great Choice for Batman

With all the constant delays and setbacks, many (including myself) started to doubt if Matt Reeves' The Batman would ever see the light of...

Watchmen: Shazam!

This week on The Watchmen, we travel to the Rock of Eternity! We’re here for the newest installment in the DCEU, Shazam!


This week, Deepak Chitnis and Ryley Trahan take a deep dive (Get it?) into the new DC movie: Aquaman. This discuss the ways in...

NIHW 38: Surprise! We’re Actually A Cloverfield Movie

It's time for another episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: Deepak, Fred, Ryley, and Jack discuss the gymnastic karate, Tom Hanks' Big, and compare...

NIHW 36: The First Live Show

It's time for a LIVE episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: You, the listening audience, get to appreciate how much work goes into...

The DCEU: A Post-Mortem

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the movies in the DC Extended Universe, including Justice League. “The DCEU is dead. Bury it.”That might be slight...

The Most Anticipated Movies of 2018

Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great 2017 and is looking forward to an even more exciting 2018. To that end, we...

NIHW 34: Save MarThor Ragnarock!

It's time for a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: Ryley, Fred, and talk about Norse Mythology, critique movies they haven't seen,...

Social Media Reaction to Justice League Mixed Positive

The social media embargo for next week's hotly anticipated Justice League lifted today. How does it look? Well, reactions seem to be pretty split....

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