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AbleGamers with Mark Barlet

Talk Nerdy To Me is back for 2019!This week, Ryley and Fred talk to Mark Barlet, the founder of The AbleGamers Charity. They talk about...

NIHW 33: Sports Ruin Everything

It's time for a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: Ryley, Fred, Deepak, and Jack talk about James Bond continuity, corporate restructuring,...

E3 2017: EA Press Conference Recap

This year, EA’s press conference took place a day before E3 began, at an off-site location from the main E3 convention. It Sunday, and...

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Spotlighting an Excellent Game | Lightmatter Review

The creative minds at Valve have a long and proud history of not finishing their trilogies, and like the roommate who is...