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DC Reveals 3 DLC Characters, Teases More | Injustice 2

As the roster for Injustice 2 continues to grow, we're getting more and more excited about getting our hands on this game. The first title, Injustice:...

Sony Releases Official ‘Dark Tower’ Trailer

Sony Pictures has finally released the official trailer for their adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower book series.The action-packed trailer features the first official footage from...

American Gods | The Bone Orchard recap

American Gods| Episode 101 | ‘The Bone Orchard'| Aired April 31st, 2017 Well, we've made it. After years of speculation and countless false starts, Neil...

After WGA Deal, Shows & Jobs Are Safe

Early yesterday morning WGA (Writers Guild of America) and AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers) worked through their differences reaching an agreement...

Bethesda’s New Prey Is Absolutely Scary Good

Much like the plot of the actual game itself, Bethesda's Prey has flown under the radar until it didn't. For whatever reason, Bethesda's reboot...

Bill Nye Will Not Save the World

Netflix must have been thrilled to bring Bill Nye to their streaming platforms for the new show Bill Nye Save the World. The "Science...

DC Goes Digital with Teen Titans

 With the success of online streaming, we see more and more content go online. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have decided to follow suit...

Maximum Apocalypse | Kickstarters We Love

Mike Gnade and the group over at Rock Manor games are back. After the success of his first Kickstarter project, Brass Empire, Mike is...

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap | Review

LizardCube has shown that the most important part of any remake is knowing when to leave well enough alone.

NIHW 12: Marvel-ous News

https://nerditherefirst.podbean.com/mf/web/y7y2w6/NIHW_9.mp3Welcome to a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: Ryley, Tanner, and Fred talk about corporate buyouts from the early 2000s, how...

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