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The Definitive MCU Ranking | #17 – #21

This is part one of our efforts to rank every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check back the rest of the week for...

Marvel Fresh Start Initiative Has Arrived

As Avengers: Infinity War celebrates another big box office weekend, comic book fans have something else to celebrate. This month ushers in Marvel’s “Fresh...

‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Infinity Hallows, Part 1 | Review

SUMMARY Immensely satisfying but frustratingly incomplete, Avengers: Infinity War takes the MCU to darker and more surprising places than it's ever gone to before.  STORY Thanos...

The Incredible Hulk | MCU Rewatch

There is an incredible number of Marvel movies. When Infinity War releases later this month it will be the 19th film in the MCU....

The Pull List | March 21, 2018

With stories from the comics becoming an ever more dominant force in pop culture, it's important to remember their origins. Comic books have become...

S01 Episode 4: The Avengers

THE WATCHMEN are back for another exciting superhero adventure.In this episode, Deepak and Ryley cap off the first section of their Marvel adventures with a...

The Best or Worst Movies of 2017

Beginning of the year movie lists are always a dicy predicament. It's easy to list off a bunch of movies that will be coming...

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