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NIHW 73: Pokémon Leak, Overwatch, and The Streaming Wars

This week we talk about Batman casting, Google Stadia, and the ABC live presentation of The Little Mermaid.

NIHW 71: Galaxy’s Edge, MCU on Disney+, and Telltale Returns

We’re playing a man down on this week’s show. But don’t worry, we didn’t let that stop us from delivering a show...

NIHW 70: Artificial Intelligence, The Hunt, and Last Christmas

This week on the show, we successfully recorded the loosest episode of the podcast we’ve ever done! No need to congratulate us, we...

Top 10 of 2019: Part 1

In our standard celebration of midsummer, each member of the Nerd It Here Weekly team put together a list of their 10...

NIHW 64: The Battle for the Future of Video Games

This week, we don’t know what happened at the Oscars – an event that took place after we recorded this episode but before we...

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