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NIHW 77: Papa Johns, Cloud versus Console, and Searchlight

We talk about the new Searchlight Pictures, the new Nintendo Direct, and re-visit the debate over cloud and console gaming.

Best Everything of 2019

It’s our Best Everything of 2019! What more do you want us to say?Follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss anything in 2020. And leave...

Watchmen: Best of the Decade

This week on The Watchmen: Tanner, Deepak, and Ryley discuss their favorite movies of the decade.

Watchmen: Knives Out

The Watchmen head to the theaters this Thanksgiving to check out the new Rian Johnson film, Knives Out.

NIHW 73: Pokémon Leak, Overwatch, and The Streaming Wars

This week we talk about Batman casting, Google Stadia, and the ABC live presentation of The Little Mermaid.

Horror Movies with Haleigh Foutch

Deepak Chitnis talks with Collider Editor Haleigh Foutch about the best of the horror movie revolution.

Parks and Rec with Jim O’Heir

We’re back from summer break with an exciting new episode! We talked to Jim O’Heir (Parks and Recreation, Bless This Mess, Pearson)...

NIHW 71: Galaxy’s Edge, MCU on Disney+, and Telltale Returns

We’re playing a man down on this week’s show. But don’t worry, we didn’t let that stop us from delivering a show...

Complete Guide to NIHF Shows | September 2019

Every month we at Nerd It Here First put together an armada of content that you may not be aware of. We...

NIHW 70: Artificial Intelligence, The Hunt, and Last Christmas

This week on the show, we successfully recorded the loosest episode of the podcast we’ve ever done! No need to congratulate us, we...

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Creating the Perfect Sim | Perfect Sim Challenge

Ryley and Jack are back to the Sims to try and build the perfect boy.