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The Complete Rundown on ‘They Shall Not Pass’ | Battlefield 1

The first paid expansion for the hit war game Battlefield 1 is out today. Customers who bought the Premium Pass will be able to play...

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Announcement Trailer and Details

Don't give #OscarFail too much grief. While it was certainly the most prominent botched announcement that took place, it wasn't the only one.Yesterday, Target...

Everything We Know After the Dark Souls III Leak

FromSoftware has announced that the DLC for Dark Souls III is set for release on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 on March 28. During...

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Spotlighting an Excellent Game | Lightmatter Review

The creative minds at Valve have a long and proud history of not finishing their trilogies, and like the roommate who is...