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Fade to Silence | Review

I had to pull myself away from Fade to Silence to write this review, which is frustrating because I think I might actually make...

We Fine Few | Review

In the penultimate act of Henry V, Shakespeare's titular king is preparing to lead his troops into battle. They are on the eve of...

‘Cuphead’ Can’t Be Beat | Review

Cuphead is one of the most defiant video games I've ever played. The lead-up to the game focused on the animation style that defines...

The Executioner | Kickstarters We Love

The Executioner ropes you in quickly and keeps you there until the end. I recently played the demo for The Executioner, a firmly text...

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap | Review

LizardCube has shown that the most important part of any remake is knowing when to leave well enough alone.

Comparing The Legend of Zelda to Breath of the Wild

Going back to basics “Breath of the Wild embodies the freedom and danger that made the first Zelda game so enthralling, and captures the feeling...

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