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One Year Later: How Did the Switch Do?

It may sounds cliche, but I can still distinctly remember when I opened the box for the Switch over a year ago now. It...

NIHW 19: Best of 2017 Part 1

NIHW Episode 19 This week, Ryley, Fred, and Deepak talk about their favorite movies, TV Shows and Video Games from the first half of 2017.Each...

Nintendo Switch Online Dramatically Cheaper Than Competition

Nintendo has released more information regarding its online services for the Nintendo Switch, detailing prices and some new (or old when you think about...

New Challenges in Zelda BotW DLC

So we all know The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a superb game. I'm 115 hours in and still finding new...

NIHW 7: Too Old To Splatoon With Guest Brad Garoon

Welcome to a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY! And this week, we're joined by guest Brad Garoon. The first season of his...

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap | Review

LizardCube has shown that the most important part of any remake is knowing when to leave well enough alone.

NIHW 12: Marvel-ous News

https://nerditherefirst.podbean.com/mf/web/y7y2w6/NIHW_9.mp3Welcome to a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: Ryley, Tanner, and Fred talk about corporate buyouts from the early 2000s, how...

NIHW 7: Too Old To Splatoon

https://nerditherefirst.podbean.com/mf/web/2xxbqh/NIHW_5.mp3Welcome to a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY! And this week we're joined by guest Brad Garoon. The first season of his podcast,...

NIHW 4: Odds Man Out

This week: Jack is on vacation. Ryley, Tanner, and Fred talk about the delicate art of raiding tombs, the purpose of movie theaters, when to take gambling odds, and the Nintendo Game Cube. Each armed with their favorite piece of pop-culture news from the last seven days, they sit down to discuss the last week and make predictions for the next one.

When and Where to Play the Nintendo Switch: Dos and Don’t

We are all excited to see the Nintendo Switch launch tomorrow on March 3rd. Whether or not you pre-ordered the switch, are trying to...

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