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In ‘Gods’ We Trust | American Gods Recap

Season 2 | Episode 1 | 'The House on the Rock' | Aired March 10, 2019 On every level, American Gods is a show about...

The Bachelor

It's a double-date on this very special Valentine's Day episode of The Watchmen.Tanner, Ryley, Maggie, and Alissa all circle up around the microphones to discuss...

Habeas Corpus | ‘Castle Rock’ Recap

This is the recap for Episode 2 of Castle Rock. We have recaps available for the entire season, starting with the first episode.Season 1 | Episode...

We Preview the TV Panels at Comic-Con 2018

San Diego Comic-Con might feel a bit empty this year. Not regarding crowds, but regarding the significant presence of almost all Disney assets and...

New TV Streaming in January 2018

Let's face it. There's nothing good on TV. And if there was, you probably wouldn't know anyway. Because you don't watch the TV. Who...

Netflix’s ‘War Machine’ is Sound Without Fury

War Machine is a Netflix original film that premiered recently. It is written and directed by David Michôd (writer and director of The Rover...

NIHW 15: The WGA Deal with Jordan Zakarin

In this episode, Ryley sits down with Jordan Zakarin (Inverse.com) to talk about the deal that stopped the WGA writers strike from happening. Jordan...

American Gods | The Bone Orchard recap

American Gods| Episode 101 | ‘The Bone Orchard'| Aired April 31st, 2017 Well, we've made it. After years of speculation and countless false starts, Neil...

After WGA Deal, Shows & Jobs Are Safe

Early yesterday morning WGA (Writers Guild of America) and AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers) worked through their differences reaching an agreement...

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