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Complete Guide to Comics | July 2019

Summer is a wonderful time to be a comic book fan. Event-comics are a source of constant excitement - an occasional eye rolls -...

Complete Guide to January 2019

Typically when we think of January its usually a beginning, January of 2019 is different however as we are going to be seeing the...

January 2019 Guide to Gaming

All of us here at NIHF were disappointed to see the closure of Telltale Games, January 15th we will have the final release to...

NIHW 20: TV Adaptation, Comic-Con, and Spider-Man Homecoming

It's time for a new episode of NERD IT HERE WEEKLY!This week: Ryley, Fred, Deepak, and Tanner talk about what it's like when a...

The Walking Dead recap: Something to Fear

The Walking Dead | 'The Day Will Come When You Won't Be' Season 7, Episode 1 | Aired Oct. 23On Sunday night, AMC's hit drama...

The Walking Dead Preseason: Who Dies?

The Walking Dead Season 7, Ep. 1 | Airs Oct. 23We've been on pins and needles since we first heard Negan was going to appear on...