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A Major Marvel Character Is Back

“Guess who’s back, back again?” If you guessed the been dead for three years Marvel superhero, Wolverine, you’d be correct!After a fatal run-in with...

NIHW 5: Special Logan Report

 https://nerditherefirst.podbean.com/mf/web/v9fhvc/NIHW_3_5.mp3Click here to download the episode and subscribe on iTunesIt's time for a Special Report from NERD IT HERE WEEKLYIn this episode, Ryley sits...

Logan Will Change Superhero Movies Forever

It is hard now to believe that there was a time when superhero movies were novel. Executives at Warner Brothers and Disney have done...

Breaking Down Everything We Know About Logan

In one month, Fox's new Logan will hit theaters. The film has already garnered much well deserved buzz around the two fantastic trailers. But aside from the...

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Spotlighting an Excellent Game | Lightmatter Review

The creative minds at Valve have a long and proud history of not finishing their trilogies, and like the roommate who is...